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Why Are There So Many Truck Driver Jobs Available?

Driving down the highway, there are plenty of things to pay attention to; from the driver to your left eating and driving to the guy in front of you swerving everywhere, there’s a lot going on. However, you’ve probably also noticed how many semi trucks are on the road around you. Almost all of these trucks have a banner on the back advertising that their company is hiring. This seems crazy because now, you’re looking to each side and in your rearview mirror and slowly realize JUST how many of the vehicles around you are semi-trucks. How is it possible that all of these companies are also hiring more drivers?

Truck Driving Pays Well

For one, truck driving jobs make good money. As with any field that pays well, it’s somewhat easy to find new employees. It’s possible to make up to $45,000 per year in your first year as a truck driver, with minimal educational or other demographic requirements.

Running Low on Drivers

Believe it or not, by 2024 there could be a shortage of 175,000 drivers in the industry. As we continue creating new product, someone has to be there to deliver it, meaning our roadways are about to get even busier. This high demand for truck drivers means transportation companies are willing to pay more to secure the number of drivers needed.

Flexible Schedules

A truck driving schedule might seem difficult to handle, but the positions are actually more flexible than they first appear. Choosing your availability means working around your schedule; not something every job can offer. Whether you can only drive on weekends or during the week, most companies will happily cater to your schedule.

Vacation, Retirement Plans, and Bonuses

If this career choice didn’t seem appealing already, those three little words definitely help. From paid vacation to great bonuses to extensive retirement plans, truck drivers earn a lot of benefits.

As we near the shortage of truck drivers, more job listings recruiting truck drivers are likely to appear and offers are likely to become more competitive. If truck driving sounds like the right field for you, fill out our employment application today and look for a response soon; we’re always hiring great people!