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The Advantages of a Truck Driving Career

Truck driving is not always thought of as the most glamorous career, but it actually has the potential to completely change your life. Not only do companies like ours treat our employees like family, giving you a whole new network of people in your life, there are many brushed over examples of why truck driving is a great career.

Create a More Flexible Schedule

First off, you get to decide what types of hauls you’d like to drive (local runs, long distance runs, or cross-region runs). You also get some power over when you’re making these runs. Choosing days, times, and off time is another great advantage to a truck driving career.

Bonuses and Benefits

Truck driving gives you the opportunity for bonuses and benefits including medical, life, dental, vision, and retirement plans. We also offer paid vacation to our drivers- because you deserve it. The more you work, the more you earn, and the more bonuses you get too- what more could you ask for?

A Safe and Friendly Work Environment

Our staff treats our drivers like family, and our home base is meant to feel like just that- home. We only provide safe and high-performing trucks to our drivers to keep you safe on the road. You are also provided with a company paid cell phone for easy communication in the case of an emergency on the road- just another way we keep you safe.

Job Security

There’s always a demand for transporting product- this demand will not stop anytime soon, making the demand for truck drivers constant and desperate. We’re always looking for great people to apply to drive for us.

While truck driving may not be glamorous, it’s definitely a viable and lucrative career option; learn more about our truck driving and owner operator positions today.