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GPS Contest


General Transport was excited to offer our drivers the opportunity to win a Rand McNally GPS, with a superior truck-accurate GPS route system, free lifetime map updates and state-by state mileage calculator. Dan met all of the requirements to win by consistently completing his paperwork and logs accurately and promptly.

Congratulations Dan!

friendly office

A Wild Ride!

One morning our office cat Two Step didn’t show up for breakfast. We soon received a call from the trucking company that leases dock space from General Transport asking if we were missing a cat.

As it turns out, Two Step had hopped a trailer and rode down to Sidney, OH! They were nice enough to care for Two Step overnight and ship him back free of charge. After that wild ride, General Transport dispatcher Nancy decided it was time for Two Step to retire as a house cat.

Although Two Step is no longer in trucking, he is enjoying lazy days looking out the windows and stalking birds. Oh Two Step!!!

trailer bays

New Addition... Improved Efficiency

In an effort to improve garage efficiency at GT, 2 additional trailer bays have been added. This will now allow our mechanics to service 3 trailers and 4 trucks at one time.

Previously, during the lovely NE Ohio winters only one trailer could be serviced at a time. With this tripling maintenance capacity, GT has just hired a 4th mechanic. Equipment maintenance is top priority at General Transport!


General Transport Rolled Ou 10 New Trailer Wraps This Past Fall

If you pay close attention to our trailers you will notice something new. General Transport rolled out 10 new trailer wraps this past fall.

The idea was to promote our refer a driver bonus program. General Transport has always had a refer a driver bonus that rewards our current drivers whenever they refer a driver that we hire.

So If you happen to see one of these trailers in a truck stop, feel free to ask our drivers how great it is to haul for General Transport. Or, you can always call Rick Sumser at 1-888- 678-6055.

drivers lounge

General Transport is Proud to Announce Our New Driver's Lounge

General Transport is proud to announce our new driver’s lounge. Whether you want to relax on the couch and watch ESPN or put in a dvd and watch a movie, you will be comfortable in your new space.

Feel free to use our Wi-Fi on your computer. There is also a clean shower for you to get refreshed.

The driver’s lounge entrance is secure and under video surveillance. The lounge is available to all General Transport Drivers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you have any question, contact Rick Sumser at 1-888-678-6055.