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owner operators

General Transport was founded in 1985 and is based in Akron, Ohio, in the heart of transportation industry. We are a truckload dry van, no touch general freight carrier, relying on our owner operator fleet to provide quality service to our many customers. Owner operators run a very distinct triangle service area. Customer locations are in Ohio, Eastern Texas and Central Florida. These hauls provide consistent points for loading and unloading along consistent freight lanes. Company regional drivers operate within a 500 to 600 mile radius of Akron, OH traveling to NC, SC, GA, IN, VA, TN, KY and back to Ohio. There is no travel to the east coast or Canada.

General Transport understands that clear communication and honesty is the key to success. We use cell phones for communication and pride ourselves for answering phone calls and getting you accurate information. You have a direct line to dispatch not an automated answering system that ends up in somebody’s voice mail.

We all know how confusing it can be to compare pay packages from one company to the next. My advice is to look at the “Take Home Pay”. The bottom line or net pay is the figure that you need to manage your financial situation. Why then do so many carriers tell you about the gross pay and confuse you with the deductions later? General Transport is a financially strong operation that has a straight forward pay system utilizing weekly direct deposit.

Treat people the way you want to be treated is a philosophy that is practiced throughout the General Transport organization. This two way mutual relationship helps provide satisfaction and success for everybody. Without drivers nobody has a job, the more you succeed the more we succeed. Treating drivers and customers with respect is the secret to low driver turnover and consistent customers.

Thank you for your interest in General Transport! Please complete and return the application for immediate consideration. You can visit our website at www.generaltransport.com, call directly at 888-678-6055 or email Rick Sumser or Sandi McKenzie.