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Company Drivers


company drivers

    • .40 – .46 CPM

    • 2100 – 2600 Miles/Week

    • Outstanding Low Out of Pocket Benefits

      • $25 / Week Single
      • $45 / Week Family
    • 401(K) with Company Match

      .25 / Per Dollar

    • Holiday & Vacation Pay

    • PrePass Eliteheadquarters

Company Truck Driver Jobs in Akron, Ohio

General Transport has always had a special place in our heart for our company truck drivers. After all, without them, none of us would have a job, and we won’t be able to help companies accomplish difficult logistical tasks!

Our team sees to it that our company truck drivers have a clear and concrete job description. We often highlight the difference of their duties with those of an owner-operator. Although the main task for both is driving, the job of a company truck driver differs in that they don’t have to look after and maintain a truck.

General Transport is looking for candidates for a company driver job in Akron, Ohio. They will have the following responsibilities:

  • Acquire all necessary requirements, like a commercial driver’s license
  • Pick-up and deliver cargo to their destination (which may include manufacturing plants, retail centers, etc.) using the company’s truck
  • Follow the right schedule and the right destination for each cargo
  • Stick to the travel instructions (especially the route) provided by the General Transport team
  • Follow traffic law and all the regulations set by the Department of Transportation (including the freight weight, route designations, parking, etc.)
  • Report to the General Transport team after every route, especially incidences of cargo defects, accidents, or violations
  • Inspect the vehicle for safety issues and report them to the management
  • Document the work hours, kilometers driven, and other metrics

Why Join Our Team?

General Transport has a lot to offer company drivers. Be a part of a company and a team that cares about its employees. We give our drivers the compensation and respect they deserve. And we create a working environment they’d love to work in and train them to be better employees.

As part of our truck driver hiring in Akron, Ohio, General Transport offers the following to our future company drivers:

  • Competitive Salary – Our fair compensation package helps you manage your financial situation.
  • Home on Weekends – As a family-owned company, we acknowledge the importance of spending time with your family.
  • Above Average Medical Benefits Program – These exceed the industry standards, so we can help you look after your health.
  • Retirement Plans – We help you plan your life after you park the truck for the last time.
  • Bonuses – The more you perform, the more you receive. We know how to appreciate hard-working employees.
  • Paid Vacation – Because our hard-working drivers deserve it.
  • A New Driver Lounge – During breaks, drivers can rest and relax in our offices.
  • Company Paid Cell Phones for Communication – This gives you a direct link to our team, guiding you and offering help during crises.
  • A Safe Work Environment – You’d love to go to work every day.
  • Safe Vehicles – We only provide safe and high-performing trucks to our drivers.

Interested in a job as a company driver? Send your application so we can consider you for the post.

If you have questions, call Rick or Sandi directly at 1-888-678-6055. You could also send an e-mail for answers to any question you may have.

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